Careers in Music Production – The Three Best Picks You Can Take

Do you take a keen interest in music artistry and advanced technology? If yes, there are chances that you will find the music production field challenging for you. Today, it gets slightly challenging for people to decide which path of music production they should opt in for.

First and foremost, it is essential to get the correct degree programs and certificates. To know more, you can check out the music production courses in Mumbai.

The three career picks in Music Production that you can take include the following:

1. Audio director

Are you all set for a rewarding but challenging career in music production? If yes, then you can choose to be an Audio Director. Also known as the Senior Sound Designer and Lead Audio Designer, the Audio Director works in the fast-paced video gaming domain. Like the Sound Designer in a film, the Audio Director supervises, plans, and organizes the video game audio generation, working with the designers and the developers. You are accountable for the video game soundtrack, ranging from the music, sound effects, and background score to the dialogues. The Audio Director is a senior-stage position in the domain of video game audio. It would help if you witnessed all the aspects of video game development, comprising audio implementation, audio development, and game design.

2. Boom Operator

Are you planning to make the most of your music production career? If yes, then working as a Boom Operator in the field of a production audio crew is essential. Also, as Boom Operator, you are a crucial member of the production audio team that works on a film set, enabling the production sound mixer by functioning boom microphones, placing and selecting radio microphones, and also maintaining the audio devices.

If you want to get started as a Boom Operator, you will have to study auto engineering. And with an increased emphasis on the live sound recording, usually, the Boom Operator thrives on the blend of on-set mentoring and advanced education. And while the Boom Ops used to be manual roles, the jobs require skilled players in their production sound crew. Thereby collaborating as a great technician with a production sound mixer. Hence, if you wish to make it big in the movie and TV sound production, being a Boom Operator is what you must work for.

3. The Concert Technician – Music Production

Do you want to be a high-tech roadie? If yes, then becoming a Concert Technician should be your motto. When you work as a Concert Technician, your objective is to set up and maintain the band’s or musician’s gear on the stage. Before the performance, enabling the musicians at the time of a show, thereby packing the gear for the transport.

Here you require the know-how of the musical instruments and how to maintain it for good production quality. You will also be accountable for the daily function of the musician’s apparatus and the equipment during the tour. Also, a Concert Technician usually works with the established bands along with funds for hiring a professional team so that they can care for their devices.

These are a few of the fields in music production that you can opt in for and work out your career path accordingly.