Bollywood Music Production

Bollywood has made its mark as impressive popular music in the world.
The taste of Bollywood music has found many lovers all across the globe. What you hear is an absolute contemporary package of Indian music and also a combination of different genres that are related to the Indian melody. The saucy grooves in our Indian rhythms, make it stand out and adds a speciality to it. Bollywood song structures are unique and surprisingly many music producers find it challenging to write Bollywood Music.

One needs to understand various tips and tricks for serious Bollywood music production and you need to understand the handling of a song projects in real-time. You must also understand how rhythms are created with different sounds and programing music by adding multiple Samples and layering the tracks.
Beatpro, an absolute impressive programme will not only teach you but also will give you real-time experience.

These days there are no boundaries to producing music, songs are made at home as well as in professional studios.
This sounds like a revolution. Today you can get high-quality-low-cost software and hardware, this has opened more avenues for the general masses to foray into music production.
Anyone can make music, song or album at a very low budget with just a couple of fundamental gears and a software package. But, should you analyse it isn’t that simple? You need to understand, and have knowledge, dedication, and creativity to produce quality music.

This course offers you that Knowledge. Irrespective of any style of music, there are many tools that you will require to achieve this. Every course lesson will showcase a varied set of music production tools, largely following the path of recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

We will provide you with an understanding of some background on the nature of sound and how we dissect it. Following this you would understand the different components necessary to record audio via your computer. It will give you the clarity to understand the devices and the sound that travels through in a music production process.

The Course Content


Learn The tonality of the Indian Music Film Production with an experience of the real film industry.

Course Fees : 50000/- INR


In this section, you’ll learn all the introduction part of your DAW and the Basics of handling tools and being fluent with the DAW


In this section, you’ll learn all about the Recordings and looping Techniques. so you are able to put any live instruments in your Production. same time you may understand how to merge live and Sampled instruments.

Audio & Midi Editing

In this section, you’ll learn how to edit samples, Audio Track, Midi and all the important operations about the event. it is so important to understand how small things can make big changes and put interest in your track.

Guitar Programming

In Bollywood Songs, Guitar is the most important part of the song, especially in romantic songs. our goal is to know with realism and authentic sounds with the expression of the guitar with the right Plugin and live stuff.

Vocal Production

Vocal production is an essential part of music production, and digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Cubase provide a range of tools and features to help you capture and process high-quality vocal tracks.

Rytham Programming

Bollywood Music always fascinates through its unique grooves. in this section we ll see in-depth groove making strategy and techniques of Bollywood Music Production

Effect Proccessors

In this section, you’ll learn about the right Midi Instruments and effect processors that you must use in your music production and same time you can understand the mixing and mastering Proccess.

BGM Score

In this Section, you will learn some exciting stuff that helps you to write scores for commercials and films. we will describe to you the skill of writing scores for scenes in an effective way.