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The Art of Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering

Traditionally sound engineering course consists of so many modules which are conducted everywhere. But BeatPro has a modern approach. In this subject, we are looking for only updated modules which are highly beneficial and also work in the real world instead of performing mixers and joining cables. This course has been designed for those who are
struggling to produce professional sound for their production & Mixes.

As you look closely at today’s audio you will realize that all things are just set in one box that is your personal computer which is completely set in a digitalized world .hence we’ll focus on that real stuff and will move forward.

The sound engineering course is for those students who are interested in recordings and also for music producers who want to create a big sound for their production. This process is called mixing and mastering and surprisingly in today’s world, all things can be done just on your Pc or Mac. We have several DAWs that you can install on your Pc/Mac and begin to create magic.

Beatpro Offers exactly that Stuff, Which will encourage you to work and achieve goals in the real World.

Sound engineering involves the technicality of changing and controlling different sounds by altering the pitch, sound effects, volumes and equalization (EQ), which includes modifying the frequencies of the sounds to match your needs. At Beatpro, the sound engineering course covers the fundamental components involved in controlling and modifying all sounds.

The course will enable you in manipulating sounds using electronic effects, EQ and others. At Beatpro, the sound engineering course will help you in making artistic and technical decisions pertaining to sound and music. Each and every decision relating to the performance, like the recording, editing, processing and mixing has a major effect on the finished product.

You will be proficient in various types of recording media and digital audio workstations. The course will help you get a better understanding of the software and hardware, from the synchronisation to digital transfers, amplifiers, microphones, and much more.

Being a sound engineer, one must exhibit skills like attention to detail besides having technical skills. For one to excel in this field it is important to have the right training at the right place and gain in-depth knowledge about sound processing. At Beatpro, you will be equipped to work in the music industry and work proficiently with the sound equipment that is used in the field of music. This sound engineering course will give you an excellent understanding of recording technology and sound mixing.

Section 1

In this section, you’ll learn all the theories about sound. Each and every topic would be covered which makes you more educated about sound and also you can learn more about types of microphones and their use

Section 2

In this section you’ll learn all about the connection, recording gears, Types of microphones and more about the hardware.

Section 3

In this section, you’ll learn all techniques for recordings, Mic Positions layering of tracks and more about editing

Section 4

In this section, you’ll learn all the Effects, Plugins and Audio Procceoosr, it’s all about mixing and Processing tracks.

Section 5

After recording you’ll move towards mixing where we can mix and record music tracks step by step. This is the final process where we master the final mix and make ready for release