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BeatPro provides one to one classes providing full concentrate on a particular student and provides exclusive focus on the practical work.


All courses are certified through BeatPro. After successful completion of the course you will be certified in the specific subject.


After finishing your course you will be assessed and as per your work eligibility, BeatPro will assist in providing you live work experience in real world which will enhance your potential and help you gain confidence in your music career.


BeatPro will provide you a life-time support after even successful completion of your course. You would be welcomed any time for any difficulties or queries for your music production needs in real time.

BRAVO ! It’s an absolute new beginning for you… Music has always attracted millions all across the globe and if you felt a fascination for it and always dreamt of making it yourself someday which would enthral people in various towns, cities & countries then You have made a great choice. And this choice will be taking shape with —-“BeatPro” a comprehensive & fine-tuned computer based music institute, which will help you achieve your personal aspirations and goals in the field of Music.

Music Production(Understanding DAW)

  • ID: 284

DAW is stand for Digital Audio Workstation and also we can say” Music Production Software” in a simplest language. it facilitated us to Record, Edit and create audio information as per the user requirement. There are four basic components in a computerbased DAW required and those are: A computer, Sound card (also known as Audio interface), Studio Monitor (Speakers) Any one input device to change musical notes e.g. – a Keyboard or Midi controller You could use either a mouse, or an automated External Mixer for mixing track volumes or even with a MIDI controller keyboard. How it functions –…

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Music Production(Understanding Synthesis)

  • ID: 285

Synthesis For digital audio / music production there is a software synthesizer which is also popularly known as a soft-synth, plug-in or a computer program. In the past one required a dedicated hardware to create sound or music but advances in processing speed are allowing computer based soft-synths to accomplish the same role. The benefit of Soft-synths is that it is a lot cheaper and more portable as compared to specified computer hardware; it also provides a smoother to interface with other music software such as music sequencers. A couple of soft-synths are predominantly sample based, and generally have more…

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Bollywood Music Production

  • ID: 286

BOLLYWOOD MUSIC Bollywood has made its mark as an impressive popular music in the world. The taste of Bollywood music has found many lovers all across the globe. What you hear is an absolute contemporary package of Indian music and also a combination of different genres that are related to the Indian melody. The saucy grooves in our Indian rhythms, make it stand out and adds a speciality to it. Bollywood song structures are unique and surprisingly many music producers find it difficult to write Bollywood Music. One needs to understand various tips and tricks for serious Bollywood music production…

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Electronic Music Production (EDM)

  • ID: 287

The magic of computer draws up unmatched possibilities of recorded sound, but if you do not have the necessary skills to use it using the latest tools, it is more or less a futile exercise. Luckily, your knowledge to electronic music production and sound design, such as setting up your home Studio with software and hardware integration, MIDI sequencing, mixing is now accessible. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in performing electronic music or you are an absolute rookie looking to fill in gaps in your skills, this schedule assists you in your requirement to raise your level in…

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Production for REMIX

  • ID: 288

PRODUCTION FOR REMIX   Music remixing is all about song selection, editing the arrangement of the song, applying new rhythms, tunes and harmonies, using the available musical hardware and softwares. It involves re-interpreting a song that already exists.   When it comes to making remix of old or existing songs, one will often find themselves just looking at their DAW thinking about the numerous combinations that can be done. All this can be quite overwhelming. The whole point of making a remix is to set it apart from the original version. Altering an already existing song by changing and/or removing…

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Music Production Courses for commercial success and personal satisfaction

Music connects everyone. It’s a language that doesn’t need words to touch one or millions of hearts. As an audience, you must have felt this yourself and wondered whether you could create the same magic through rhythms, notes, and sounds. Yes, why not? When you are passionate about music, all you need to do is give it the proper outlet and direction. Learn producing music.
Beatpro offers various music production courses in Mumbai! You can join any of them online as the first step into this universe of melodies, beats, and pitches. We aim to educate students across different age groups in a positive and friendly environment. It is our mission to help aspirations meet their expectations through the culture of caring and nurturing. Our faculty members will help you tap your potential as a musician and in other parts of life.

Online music courses

Do you want to specialize in music production for a career or personal interest? No matter where you live or what you do, a structured course with professional guidance allows you to break all the barriers. Our well-tailored and advanced programs stand among the best online music production courses in India. You can learn the whole process of music production, starting from recording, mixing, remixing, creating rhythms through loops and layering, and much more.

At Beatpro, we promise to make your music learning journey fun and enriching in one location, regardless of where you are. We will introduce you to the fundamentals of the sounds and their identification. It will serve as the foundation for you to work with different components and do music recordings. From the knowledge of devices to the process of how music travels, Beatpro music courses cover it all.

Why choose us?

Doing any online music production courses with us is synonymous with carving a focused path in this field. It depends on you where you would want to take your musical talent and journey from here. Our music masters can be the driving force in your life, enabling you to seek commercial success. Your love for music may have been an impetus behind specializing in a musical instrument or singing. However, you need to develop music production skills for a full-blown musical performance. At Beatpro, we teach you everything so you can package your musical show.

The Beatpro courses are a thorough guide to various music production software and tools. Are you aware of FL Studio, Logic-pro, and the ilk? Get ready to expand your horizon. With us, you will get a grip on A to Z of the music production process as we also introduce you to the aspects of songwriting, setting up and operating audio units, etc.

When everything is about technological know-how in this digital era, music production cannot remain untouched. That’s why we also expose you to digital tools and software programs used in music creation. Soon you will get control over sound engineering, writing, playing, and arranging music.
Learning or creating music deserves discipline, skill training, and concentration. You can assimilate all this by joining a Beatpro course for an affordable fee.