Beatpro Music Institute is here to help aspiring musicians understand the working and functioning of DAWs. This software is crucial for music production, in recording, editing and creating music. At music production courses mumbai university for tracktion, you will learn the functionality of the components of a computer based DAW.

Beatpro has merged with Tracktion to provide a well-designed course on the T7 DAW. Tracktion has released seven DAW versions all of which are created with unique features, separating each one from the other. Tracktion’s creative digital audio workstations are useful for mixing and post-productions. The powerful Tracktion T7 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for editing and recording is a software runs on Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows.
Beatpro will help you in understating the unique features of Tracktion. Tracktion T7 was designed in such a way so as to enable the user to work with the interface with ease. T7 is the perfect DAW for musicians to work with. The Tracktion T7 has an interface called “Blue Steel”, which is single screen with a lot of features. Multiple browsers can be opened and the screen can be efficiently used. T7’s clip layer effects gives you complete control of the way you design your sound.

On completion of the Tracktion T7 course at Beatpro Music Institute, you will be provided with a certificate approved by Tracktion.
Tracktion T6 is available free of cost for Beatpro students and a 30$ charge for an upgrade to the Tracktion T7 .

The Tracktion T7 course covers:
• Working with T7’s Blue Steel interface.
• Using the various Clip Layer effects.
• T7’s automation patterns, to help tweak sounds.
• Working with the parameters of the Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO)
• Managing the audio loops.
• Working with the sound library, the EQ, Reverb, Chorus and other effects to add more value.
• Optimum utilization of the Automation patterns.

Tracktion T7 has all the features of a high quality Digital Audio Workstation and is good for composition of sounds/tunes and is perfect for serious production.