Ableton Live & Push 2 Performance

Logic Pro X Session

Ableton Live is a software used in the studio as well as on stage by musicians and DJs all over the world. Ableton’s Push 2 hardware has helped in transforming the workflow in the studio. The working of Push 2 has been engineered in such a way so as to enable the user to have all his musical needs at one place.

The Push 2 has been used to produce amazing sounds with loops, (drums) drum workflows, and other chords, all from the same pads, giving a vast scope for creating various melodies. The Push 2 adjusts your musical needs with the different controls on the pads.

When it’s time to edit and arrange your sounds you will find it present in your Ableton Live software. Ableton Live software and Push 2 hardware go hand in hand in creating and modifying music.

Ableton Live and Push 2 provides a versatile platform for electronic music production.

In this video we have used Ableton Live and Push 2 to manipulate our sounds and create this song structure.
Beatpro has a dedicated course for Push 2 and Ableton Live

Logic Pro X is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) used for recording, editing and mixing sounds. Logic Pro X provides everything you need for sound creation and to enhance your performances.

This Apple software helps in adjusting the timing, the pitch and other musical parameters. The tools include various plug-ins, synthesisers, patches and other options which help in configuring the sound as per your liking. You can adjust the pitch and do just about anything in producing music on the Logic Pro X. The software helps in shaping and managing various tracks.

Music composer Sanjay is being trained at Beatpro Music Production Institute on the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Logic Pro X. Under the guidance of Micky Sir, he is learning to work with the Logic Pro X interface.