Reveal Sound’s Spire has a lot more to offer

An added benefit for Students of Beatpro Music Institute is that they can avail of a flat 50% discount on the Spire synthesizer and library


Beatpro music institute is here to help aspiring music artists hone their musical talents and provide assistance in their musical endeavours. The sound engineering/designing course at Beatpro caters to all those who want to learn music production, recording, mixing and mastering.
Beatpro has taken a step ahead and merged with Reveal Sound Company, which is set to create world class Instrument plug-ins. The first product introduced by this company is a polyphonic Hybrid synthesizer Spire. Founded in 2009 by programmers and musicians, the company is constantly working to get the best results from the sound of soft-synths. The Spire synthesizer is a combination of powerful sound engine modulation with an exceptional interface which enables ease in usage.

Reveal Sound’s Spire approves and supports Beatpro Music Institute in the course of sound engineering/designing. The Spire synth will equip you to work efficiently in the music industry. Beatpro offers the perfect understanding and training of the Spire synthesizer, which has a number of features which sets it apart from a classic virtual analogue synthesizer. Besides having the normal fittings, this synth filters frequencies out of complex waveforms. The waveforms available are more than just the usual sine, square, sawtooth and triangle shapes related to virtual analogue synthesizers.

Apart from the familiar concepts of filters, envelops, LFOs (low frequency oscillators), adding a Matrix section has got something more to offer. From the oscillator section, to the filters, modulation and more, .
On completion of the sound designing/engineering course with the Spire synth at Beatpro, you will be provided with a certificate stating the same which is certified by Spire.

This course will cover:
• Working with the four versatile polymorphing oscillators (Classic type, Noise, FM and AMSync) of Spire.

• Selection of different waveforms from the wave menu to be used for mixing.

• Working on the various knob settings of the synth.

• Understanding of the high quality filters, namely, Perfecto, Acido and Infecto.

• Functioning of the effects, sounds and modulation of the Spire synth. This includes high quality phaser, distortions for bass sounds, clippers, chorus, delay, reverb and excellent and cool sounding tubes and vowel modes.

Beatpro is pleased to merge with the Spire synth, since it is a big win in terms of generating terrific digital tones, making it one of the best software synthesizers. The interface and layout, the high quality and clarity of the filters, oscillators, effects and other aspects of the Spire, gives this synthesizer a certain edge over the others.