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Synthesis Will help you out to make your own sound for your own and unique ideas. you will come to know all about making your sound for any genre.

Course Fees : 25000/- INR

12 Sessions

Sampling is the most important segment of the production. sampling has to be done perfectly to make sound pro and attractive.

Omnisphere! The Amazing Sound Weapon

Omnisphere from Spectrasonics is a soft synth which will take your creativity to an absolute different level. If you are a rookie looking for the superlative in new sounds, or a professional music producer who is striving to dig deep into the amazing world of Omnisphere, you are surely bound to love this synth and chances are you would love this incredible synth so much that you may never want to leave.

This is no one time wonder but the fact is that Omnisphere is loaded with so many different sound producing techniques that you will always find a fresh approach to music no matter how much you use it and you can achieve astonishing sounds.

If synths attract you then you would certainly not want to miss out on this amazing synth- Omnisphere

Would you wish to know what constitutes within Omnisphere which makes it an incredible music producing VST plug-in ?

Spectrasonics the company that made it has built an impressive STEAM synth engine inside it.

The features of Omnisphere include :-

  • Amazing sound-shaping

  • Chaos envelopes,

  • FM synthesis,

  • Waveshaping,

  • Modulation,

  • DSP synthesis, and

  • Convenient & powerful Flex-mod routing system

  • It gives you Live mode, which gives you a patch switching and layers which is transition-less, and offers a powerful performance mapping system?

  • Has a massive built-in library.


There are many more brilliant features that make “Omnisphere” your ultimate choice for that fantabulou