Diploma Course in Music Production
Our Music Production Diploma Course is a comprehensive guide to the creative process of recording, mixing and music production developed by music industry experts. It is an intensive study course comprising of seven modules, each focusing on important areas of music production. If you are eager to learn music production and raring to carve a niche in the music industry, then look no further. With Beatpro, you can change your aspirations into achievements.

Module 1: Music Theory (Duration: 2 month)
Music Theory Guide helps in understanding fundamental concepts, which are used for understanding, analyzing, performing, and creating music. It is a set of guidelines and practices used to recognize the different ways to express emotions with sound. It also helps in interpreting musical compositions, communicating with other musicians and, developing a keen sense of musical awareness.

Module 2: DAW (Duration: 2 months)
Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) helps in recording, editing and producing your musical ideas as a product. This module has an emphasis on helping you understand the technicality of various DAWs like the Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Cubase, Bitwig Studio, FL Studio.

Module 3: Performance with Ableton Push 2 (Duration: 1 months)
Ableton Live is a dual utility instrument that functions as a DAW and a music sequencer while Push 2 is a hands-on controller that offers an infinite palette of sounds. It helps you in capturing every musical idea that can be recombined to create your song. This module makes perfect sense for live performers like Djs and EDM music producers while being

Module 4: Sound Designing and Synthesis (Duration: 1.5 months)
Sound designing and synthesis- generating and combining waveforms to produce complex sounds- can seem monumental at first but by breaking each concept in steps, one can master the concepts of synthesis. This module covers topics on soft-synths, filters, envelopes, effects, and enable you to work with various software synthesizers like Omnisphere, Sylenth1 and Massive.

Module 5: Audio Engineering (Duration: 2.5 months)
Sound engineering course is for those students who are interested in recordings and also for music producers who wants to create a big sound for their production. Audio engineering consists of recording, balancing & adjusting sound sources using equalization, audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. This module will enable you in manipulating sounds using electronic effects, EQ and others. It involves progressive learning of core engineering skills in studio sound and sounds for films, games, and TV.

Module 6: Live Songs Project (Duration: 3 month)
What better than to test your knowledge & skills and gain invaluable practical experience. One can hone their skills and master the art of execution. Real time exposure helps in dealing with pressures associated with the profession and meeting deadlines while keeping a check on the quality of work also we will train you to make your career in the Music Industry as an artist.

Lifetime Support: At Beatpro, you will always be a part of the family. Right from advice to support, you can always count on us.

One on One Session: All your queries and doubts will be solved on an individual basis. One can always approach for any consulting and counseling regardless of where you at.

Six-Month Internship Program: Our course includes a little extra for your all round development. With a unique internship program, you will always stand out among your peers.

Fees: Rs: 8000/- (Per Month)