Cubase from the company Steinberg is one DAW that offers dedicated tools for different musical genres be it be orchestral arrangements, enthralling metal, experimental Indie-pop, electronic dance music and the list goes on. This is one of the world’s most popular DAW that lets you record, edit and mix your songs like a proper musician undoubtedly it provides a professional and studio-grade audio quality at all creative process stages.

Cubase is the of most chosen DAW of many professional composers in today’s times used by professional from Hollywood movie makers to popular TV shows — It offers a separate video track, a scalable video window and a score editor featuring hundreds of notation symbols, anything that is needed for a professional score creation. The parent company Steinberg has introduced their exclusive VST Expression technology that creates astonishing natural orchestral scores with a single-note level giving full expression control.

Cubase is an effective tool used by music producers and audio engineers around the world for their daily projects. Cubase is made for audio professionals working in the music, game and film industries and having an award-winning audio engine, tools acclaimed by industry and seamless integration with existing studio gear. It also offers state-of-the-art mixing desk which stands unmatched in terms of flexibility & quality, adding pristine sound and top class features with the comfort of a contemporary DAW.

Cubase comes with advanced toolset for the correction and enhancement of your vocal recordings. You can easily adjust the pitch & timing of audio signals. You can also harmonize your vocals in attractive choral arrangements in a matter of just a few seconds. Additionally one single editor can edit voices from multiple tracks. There are many features like reverb, modulation and dynamics effects that can be added instantly to make the most out of your vocal recordings.

Cubase Course Content

One On One Sessions


Projects and Templates

Interface Overview

Save Project

Navigation Options

In Loop/Cycle

More About Cubase

Working with Loops

New Tracks and it's Property handling

Track Ruler

The Inspector


Project Management

Zooming in and out

Working with Patches

Group Tracks, Folder Tracks

Advance Project Properties


Introduction to the Groove Agent

Metronome Explained

MIDI Recording

Introduction to the Editor

The Piano Roll Editing


Advance MIDI

Introduction to the Groove Agent

Metronome Explained

MIDI Recording

Introduction to the Editor

The Piano Roll Editing


All about Drumming

Chord Track

Autopunch and Replace Mode while recording

Loop Recording MIDI

Play music with keyboard

Autopunch and Replace Mode

All about Markers

Midi FX

Audio Editing

Working in the Region

Region Editing

Recording Audio

Loop Recording Audio

Creating and handling Takes

Variaudio QuickStart

Variaudio Algorithm

Advance Variaudio

Working with Fades

Working with Markers

Understanding Automation studio

Automation Curve

Advance Automation


The Mixer

Working with Plugin











Aux Channel



Third Party Effects





Mastering Concepts
Mastering Tools Explained
Mastering Techniques