BITWIG STUDIO coming soon

Bitwig Studio, the newest of all the DAW to enter the market is a dynamic software for making music and has a performance to help to shape your musical ideas at every stage of production. It is well thought of software and has a combination of all major DAWs and is conceptualized for future music having a totally different and user friendly approach.

One can discover a new standard in customized workflow ranging from sound design to music creation. Bitwig Studio helps you to have a much controlled power of all your productions, it gives the access to every aspect of your workflow as and when required.

You can streamline the creative process and frequently shape your musical ideas to structured tracks, songs and compositions. Bitwig Studio gives you that edge to be in command of your workflow and that results bringing out the best.

You can arrange, record, improvise and perform separately or simultaneously all together. You can choose between different display profiles. You can design your own sounds with dedicated controller devices, combine built-in instruments, effects, and VST plug-ins.

You can modulate any device or VST plug-in parameter using macro controls and modulator devices through Bitwig Studio’s unified mapping system. Moreover you can modulate audio and note expressions, layered editing, extensive bounce-in-place functions, automatic slicing histogram-based value editing, smart controller integration, and open Controller Scripting API thereby exploring endless creative possibilities.

It was the designed & developed by musicians thinking about the needs of the current generation’s musicians hence every feature in Bitwig Studio is remarkable.

It works smoothly on any operating system be it be Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux giving the next generation of sound & music creation.

One can create, share, and collaborate from totally different machines.

In Bitwig Studio, besides your arrangement to draft your song‘s layout on the fly you can use the Clip Launcher or use it efficiently as a performance tool. Bitwig studio has many outstanding features that demonstrates a seamless integration of multiple views into your workflow, as per the requirement and as per your wish.


Advantages and Disadvantages



A DAW which is Easy To Learn
It has a Strong Stability The CONS might become more apparent in the future.
It works well & comfortably for any genre
It is compatible with PC, Mac or Linux
It has a Low Price


It is a new entrant in the market, it’s still testing waters.
The CONS might become more apparent in the future.

Duration – 16 sessions

Fees – Rs 40,000/- only