The Ableton Live software and Push 2 hardware together have changed the entire scenario of performing live and has also helped musicians in expanding their musical horizons. The Ableton Live software assists in turning musical ideas into finished tracks, from workflow improvements to audio enhancements, Live provides everything needed to get your music done. Push 2 is a powerful instrument giving hands-on control with everything at your fingertips and also allowing one to express their musical ideas over a spectrum of sounds. Ableton Live and Push 2 enables artists to create and perform live sounds/tracks with a lot of ease.

What is Ableton Live:

Ableton Live is a software used for making music. It is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) used in producing and performing electronic music. Ableton enables musicians to turn their musical ideas into songs and perform it on stage.
The entire idea is to play and construct music in real time, wherein, the computer/laptop is the instrument, while the person operating it is the performer of this instrument. The application of this software has opened doors in the creation and performance of electronic music.
Ableton displays the frequencies and decibel levels that are generated by the music played in real time. While other DAWs are good as well, the Ableton Live is geared specially for those who want to perform LIVE since it allows song manipulation in real time. Performers using this interface can manipulate different parameters of the track by adding basslines, drum patterns, loops and other sound effects all in REAL TIME.

Push 2:


Ableton’s Push 2 hardware has helped in transforming the workflow in the studio. Push 2 allows the user to have all his musical needs at one place. Total hands-on control is given to the user, using the various knobs and other controls. The Push 2 has been used to produce amazing sounds with loops, (drums) drum workflows, and other chords, all from the same pads, giving a vast scope for creating various melodies. The Push 2 adjusts your musical needs with the different controls on the pads. Push 2 is eligible for live performances by giving ultimate control to handle live music single handedly.
When it’s time to edit and arrange your sounds, you will find it present in your Ableton Live software. Ableton Live software and Push 2 hardware go hand in hand in creating and modifying music. Ableton Live and Push 2 provides a versatile platform for electronic music production.

About the course:

The course on Ableton Live and Push 2 is perfect for those who are musically inclined towards creating sounds and tracks. This software is used in music studios worldwide by musicians and DJs for live performances.
The course at Beatpro will cover:
• Manipulating different effects from a single knob.
• How to control the Ableton mixer.
• Add loops and drums from the sound library.
• Record live performance.
• Using different instruments at the same time.
• Controlling these instruments.
• Tweaking the mix
• Warping, to change the rhythm and speed of the components of the track.
• Arranging and exporting your track and uploading your song on Soundcloud.
The course at Beatpro is structured in such a way so as to enable the user to work with Ableton Live and Push2 smoothly, allowing people with great musical ideas to explore further into the creation of sound and music.

Course Fees:

Duration – The EDM course spreads over 24 sessions (3 months). 2 sessions will be conducted every week. Each session is for 1 hour 30 minutes.
Each session will help you, to make production on push2 and all about Ableton performance. sampling, designing and other elements will be covered in the 24 sessions.

Fees – Rs 55,000/- only