Why will online tutorials never beat BeatPro music production courses in Mumbai?

There is not one soul in the world that does not understand the beauty of music. However, only a few gifted ones have the talent necessary to create music. Understanding music and creating music share a deep link, but they are very different from each other. To create music, one requires much more than raw talent. A person requires an understanding of instrument setup, sound quality, recording software, editing software, and monitoring the workflow. All of that requires extensive training and experience.

Can you learn music production from online tutorials?

There are people, who will tell you that you can learn anything on the internet. People acquire myriads of skillsets including coding and website building to a new language from browsing tutorial sites. So, why can one not learn music production? Over the last decade the rapid rise of EDM popularity, it has become possible to find several rewarding tutorials online. However, one question still remains – how do you know which one is genuinely good and which ones are just other novices trying to show off?

One of the surest ways to find the right music production tutorials online is to check out the ones registered music production schools endorse. You can also find online tutorials from renowned music producers cum teachers on YouTube. Several music production schools in the city have online courses that they offer to all protégés across the country. BeatPro music production courses in Mumbai have their own online tutorial that can help you pick up the skills necessary for recording and producing music. You can learn how to pick a DAW, master it and use it to create your niche tunes.

What can a professional music production course teach you?

Being able to create music just the way you want it is the best feeling ever. Now, you can do it too with a little time and effort. Research shows that learning to play an instrument can enhance your skills as a music producer. Often, learning music production on your own, from online videos on YouTube does not cover all necessary technologies. When you join an intensive music production course, you can learn all the new techniques, the operation of software programs and user interfaces that can create new music. Usually, a 12-month program at the BeatPro music production courses cover –

  1. DAW
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro
  • FL Studio
  • Cubase

2. Studio Techniques

3. Synthesis

  • Spire
  • Massive
  • Omnisphere
  • Sylenth1

4. Music production for REMIX

5. Electronic Music Production (EDM)

6. Bollywood Music Production

Why do you need to attend a professional music production course?

You might argue that you don’t have to attend music school to learn these things and that is absolutely true. However, when you attend music production school, you will meet a number of like-minded people, who will share your interest in music and the same ideas. During the formal learning process, you will have fun, enjoy healthy competition and gain new exposure to the finer elements of music production. The entire music production school experience will help you grow as a musician and a person. With everything in mind, your rate of learning will finally skyrocket.

Getting to meet and greet like minded people

Learning solo has its own caveats. You will never be able to compare and compete. There might be massive holes in your knowledge base, but you will never know it due to the lack of interactions with the others. You can write the coolest remixes, but no one will be there to tell you how great it is unless you share it online. Unless you have the experience of working with other great producers, musicians and singers, how will you be comfortable walking into a professional studio when the time comes?

The cost is really an investment

Music production school costs are quite affordable now, thanks to the BeatPro Music Production Courses and their highly flexible and personalised curriculums. Nonetheless, the money you pay is an investment towards a highly successful music production career. You will get to learn music synthesis and audio engineering under the same roof, and it will open new avenues of work in the future. From studio recordings to live show production for world-renowned artists, the BeatPro students have done it all.

A chance to work with the influencers of the music industry

One of the biggest advantages of learning production from a registered music production school like BeatPro is that you will always learn the latest techniques and software handling. From live recording music bands and performances to management of EDM sound at recordings, you can specialize in whatever you desire. You should be able to speak with the graduates of the school to find out about the future prospects, the unique opportunities and the advantages of learning music production from whos-who of the music world in Mumbai.

Professional courses improve job opportunities

While most music production certifications do not get jobs and projects immediately, the exposure you can get with a professional music production course can help you land attractive job offers at some of the most well-known music studios across the country and abroad. During the coursework, you might get the chance to work with established artists and producers, who can teach you the different ways of music production and creation. Having an exclusive skill set and extensive experience increases your chance of building a glorious career in music production that others will envy.

So, what’s the last word?

In short, no matter how many videos you watch and tutorials you read, nothing can trump a holistic music production course like BeatPro has to offer. Apart from learning the latest versions of the most-used DAWs, you get to learn the finer aspects of producing mainstream Bollywood music, REMIX, music synthesis and EDM. There is nothing like finding the right course that can kickstart a music producer’s career. Before you forego the opportunity to learn music production from the experts, think about the investment you will be making towards a rewarding future as a pro music producer.

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