Why do you need to check out the Ableton live courses in Mumbai?

Ableton Live is one of the most popular DAWs right now. It is a music sequencer cum DAW software for the current versions of Windows and Mac OS. One of the leading reasons for its popularity is the ability of Ableton to act as an instrument for live performances. At the same time, it is a tool for recording, mixing, mastering and arranging music. Right now, famous DJs and live performers use Ableton for its unique suite of controls for beatmatching and crossfading.

Ableton has been around for decades, although there have been new updates almost every year. Currently, most musicians and music producers are working with versions of Live 9.x. It might be an incredibly popular software, but mastering it is a challenge. It is a deep and layered software. Any expert might take more or less one whole day to understand the features entirely. It is clean and simple at first glance, but the presence of the Sessions View adds to the extra layer of difficulty. The Sessions View works differently from all current DAW platforms, and you need to seek formal training for mastering this powerful tool that can unleash your creativity.

Learning more about Ableton Live

Taking professional music production courses that specialize in this particular software will give you a better understanding of the controls and features. There are a handful few music production institutes in Mumbai that have the resources to teach budding musicians about the features and benefits of using this DAW software. Here’s a brief glimpse of the basics you need to know to use the Ableton Live like the robust tool it is.

The latest versions of Ableton Live has two views – the session view and arrangement view.

The session view can organize and trigger the sets of MIDI clips. The user can arrange these clips in series and then unleash them as a whole unit. That means you can use a separate base, drum and guitar track as a scene and an additional synth baseline in the next scene. You can trigger the next scene by activating all clips necessary to complete the scene.

The arrangement view is for recording the tracks from the session view. It enables the manipulation of the arrangement and effects in the recording. It finds regular use in the manual MIDI sequencing.

What does a professional course teach you about DAW software?

If you are looking for a career in music production, you should give some time in looking for Ableton Live courses in Mumbai. Only a few schools have the infrastructure and talent necessary to offer comprehensive courses for budding musicians. BeatPro has dedicated music production training courses that teach the students how to use Ableton Live during live events and studio recordings. Here are a few things only a professional training course will tell you –

Don’t automate the volume

It might be tempting to automate the volume of an audio track while editing a clip. When you try this, you end up locking in the fader. It will be impossible to rebalance the overall level of the music track you are editing. Only a professional music course in Mumbai will teach you to automate the gain and leave the fader free to move.

Don’t settle for default pre-sets

The stock presets are undoubtedly lucrative for new music producers, but a professional music production course can teach you to look beyond that. You can create your own settings to suit your workflow. It does not take an expert to use Ableton Live, but it definitely takes one to teach a novice about the different settings and features.

Don’t obsess over the eq

You should refer to the eq in subtle doses. The Ableton Live eq has a 15 dB range. It is both impressive and imposing. It can be quite easy to overdo it if you are not cautious. Attending a music production course that teaches you the ins and outs of Ableton Live can also show you to moderate the use of Eq.

Don’t be a slave of the visuals

One of the most significant advantages of Ableton Live is the visual representation of the feedback. It can be useful for identifying problems and glitches. However, becoming over-reliant on the visuals can limit the power of your ears. While listening to a track, you may have just created, develop the habit of looking away from the visuals. Switch off the spectrums while fine-tuning the frequencies. Attending music production training can teach you to train your ears and not be dependent on your eyes while tweaking.

Don’t ignore gain staging

An increasingly popular trend shows a blatant disregard for gain staging. It was imperative for the days of analogue hardware, but the presence of a digital recording and DAW system does not obliterate its importance. It is still critical for all music producers. You need to preserve the original track without introducing noise and disturbance in it. Ableton Live provides meters so each user can monitor the issues when you take a look at the device page.

Don’t leave the tracks unnamed and disorganized

Whenever you create a new track, you should name it and file it in the correct order. That is the basis of any music production project. Without proper order, you will have a tough time finding the right files at the correct time. The creative space of Ableton Live is nearly unlimited, and you will end up with hundreds of new tracks before you know it.

Becoming a successful musician or music producer takes more than talent. Digital technology is dominating the world of music. Whether it is a live performance or a highly popularized recording, you are likely to find some software akin to Ableton Live doing all the hard work in the background. Knowing about the latest DAW software and learning how to use them will give you the edge over your contemporaries in the music industry. When the time comes for an employer to pick new talent for their company, they are more likely to go with someone who knows the latest editing, mixing and recording software.

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