The dominance of technology in Beatpro music production courses in Mumbai has brought new learnings for aspiring musicians

The day the first disk made its appearance on the music scene, it signaled the close ties between technology and music production. Possessing tons of musical talent is just not enough to produce music unless you team up with some technology experts to assist you in producing music. To make music survive for long many years, you need technical support that gives it posterity. Technology has given the opportunity to hear the immortal creations of Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky and even popularizing the music of Beatles and Elvis Presley to the present generation.

Until a few decades ago, those aspiring to produce electronic music had to visit music studios that provided the facility to record live music in real time on tape. Studios used to be large and elaborate establishments for recording music that facilitated its release for commercial use and mass circulation. It was the only resources available for musicians to showcase their talent for letting the world know about it. However, things have changed completely in music production as technological advancements have decimated the roles of studios that have now acquired a new identity but in much scaled-down versions of small studios.

Affordable technology helped commercialization of electronic music

The 1990s witnessed the first breakthrough of electronic music on a commercial scale.  That was the time when only larger studios had the equipment for recording and music production and the infrastructure necessary to produce music for commercial use. All this changed dramatically as technology became very much affordable for all and so much compact that the large studio set up was no more necessary for music production. The tools and techniques for producing electronic music are now within reach of all music producers regardless of how big or small they were.

Studios at homes

The new technology ushered in a new era that saw the birth of semi-professional studios in bedrooms. Riding on the wave of new technology, thousands of bedroom studios mushroomed across the length and breadth of the globe that rendered the huge studios redundant.  All this was possible due to the advanced technology that was cheaper too. Professional and amateur music producers, whether a veteran or a newbie could easily access a wide array of recording, editing, manipulation, and production equipment that facilitated setting up of small studios at homes at minimal cost. It changed the world of music production forever; as it is now possible to produce music more frequently and cheaply that makes music producers their own masters. They do not have to depend on others for technological assistance anymore.

The impact on music production

As technology became easily accessible, it impacted music production too. Since long, the laptop had been the hub of music production as it became the modern studio for electronic music. Having a laptop used to be enough for programming music production as you could generate all the musical sounds like guitar riffs, bar vocals, etc. within the computer. Soon there was a series of technological developments that introduced new tools that provided more flexibility and options in music production.

MIDI – The MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface was a revelation that contributed to the success of computer-generated music. The communications messaging portal that it is, MIDI facilitates the interaction between a musical instrument and computer.

DAW – Digital Audio Workstations or DAW was another technological marvel of the 1990s that opened new avenues in music production by providing a visual programming environment for audio. DAWs are like automation software that provides an interface to music producers to control as well as manipulate the digital language. The DAWs that you see today are much improved and more complex with countless audio editing options. You can literally visualize music by using DAW that helps to sequence and manipulate tracks and even record it with clip-view options that enable music producers to foresee the visual representation of their musical creation.

Welcome CDJ, say goodbye to vinyl turntables

As software developments have changed the face of music production, the hardware controllers also have gone through a complete makeover. The vinyl turntables got replaced with CDJ which is a CD version of the former and aspiring music producers must grasp the technical aspects of music production by undergoing training in modern music production by enrolling with Beatpro music production courses in Mumbai.

Music course has helped many aspiring music producers to fulfill their dreams by providing comprehensive training in modern music production techniques. The courses introduce the learners to the latest technological interfaces that are essential in music production. On completion of the course, you would be not only familiar with the techniques but also be confident of using it to fulfill your creative desires.

Electronic music is always evolving, and the iPad has been a major disruption as it is likely to become the icon for the next generation of electronic music production.

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