The best music producing courses in Mumbai stick to the basic process of making music and it is still important in music production today

The analog music production techniques are now history as rapid technological advancements in digital music production has become the mainstay of music producers who must learn the technical nuances of music production. If you want to be a music producer, then you must first enroll with one of the best music producing courses in Mumbai to learn the latest techniques of recording music for making it most presentable by using advanced computerized techniques. Aspiring musicians must prepare well before making a foray in music production which has made music production courses so popular.

The courses provide first-hand experience in music production by introducing learners to the technological aspects of music production. Since today’s music production is entirely computer-based the courses cover the technical aspects like the use of various software like DAW, MIDI, etc. and hardware like CDJ and teach how to use it effectively through the various stages of music production.  It also covers topics like ‘music production for remix’ and ‘synthesis’ and introduces newcomers to the world of EDM or Electronic Music Production. It should help you to create music in the way you want and all by yourself.

The music production scene today

Although technology has wholly transformed music production, the change is more in the methods of recording music and recreating music in the way composers want while the essential elements of making music are still important.  Whether musicians and composers are ready to follow it or not is a matter of personal choice because with the help of technology it is possible to violate the basic tenets of making music and do it in whatever way you want. You can record whatever you want, automate effects and infuse rhythms and genres to create melodies and beats that are your very own.  In the music world, it is now very much possible to put the cart before the horse and get away with it to create music but whether it will be music to the ears is always in doubt.

Stick to the basics

To create music that lasts long and touches hearts, you must not try to break the rules for the sake of posing as a rebel. Rather, to create heart touching music you must follow the steps of music production that begins with songwriting and then arranging, tracking, editing, mixing and mastering.


A song is the product of several elements like melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics. Each of these elements is essential to create a song because a song without lyrics would be like humans without the musculoskeletal system. Creating lyrics or songwriting helps to put the musical ideas together to form a large structure for accommodating the other elements. The wordings of the song that provides a structure to the music and has a beginning, middle, and end. The melody and harmony must be catchy, and the lyrics must appeal to the senses.


You must have heard songs that are attractive at first because of good beats and melody, but soon it becomes boring due to the repetitive nature of the music. The problem happens due to poor arrangement. Arrangement means choosing the musical instruments to be played with a song and deciding on the sequence of playing the instruments and the duration for each type in various sections of the song.


Tracking is part of the recording, but it pertains to recording the various musical instruments that accompany the song. Recording one track at a time for a song is the norm. Whenever you record a new track, you can hear the other tracks already recorded, and this comprises the process of multi-track recording. Technology can help to fix mistakes to make the performance look better, but good performance outscores everything.


Capturing a great performance has become much easier by using the skills of digital editing. However, you should use these tools only when necessary instead of looking at it as the go-to option. Editing is a separate stage in music production, and you must not do editing on an ongoing basis when you are writing or recording. Apply your mind completely to the editing process and use it with discretion or else it will damage the song by spoiling its spirit.


Whether a song will turn into a masterpiece depends on how well you use your mixing skills. Mixing is the process of adding music to the recorded song by combing the instruments recorded during tracking. How well the instruments sound and its clarity depend on how well you do the mixing.


This is the last part of the mixing stage. Various songs recorded at different recording studios have its own sound quality and to make these sounds acquire a coherent character for a specific album, music producers use the art of mastering.

The more you are comfortable with the process of making music more success you can expect as a music producer.

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