How is BeatPro music production courses in Mumbai making a difference?

Bollywood songs have always been in our playlists. Whether it is Kishore Kumar or Badshah, we have had our cult favourites through the different eras of Bollywood music. There was a time when Hindi film songs drew their inspiration heavily from American pop and rock scenes; even then the music had a distinct quality that made the entire nation groove. Hindi film songs have always maintained their appeal to an audience beyond the boundaries of our nation. It has appealed and inspired several western bands and individual performers again and again.

Why do you need Bollywood music production courses?

It is no wonder that thousands of new talents want to become a part of the Bollywood music production scene today. However, with independent music platforms including YouTube and vBlogs, it has become incredibly challenging for aspiring producers to find solid ground in the industry. People can now download music mixing software for free and create their “own” tunes that they publish online for the world to see. While it has helped a few fresh faces to come to the limelight, it has also increased unfair competition for new talent, who want to learn the intricacies of true music production.

How is BeatPro different from other music production courses?

BeatPro music production courses in Mumbai offers a chance to every fresh face out there with the talent and interest in music production. BeatPro has the infrastructure to support the dreams and aspirations of fresh latent from across India. We aim to enable the youth to create new music. If you have a tune or the idea of a tune in your head, we can help you transform it into a complete song that you can play on a media platform. We want to create true artists, who have the zeal to make it big in the Bollywood music scene.

We emphasize on a wholesome music production course that encompasses music theory, software and more. We give the BeatPro students an opportunity to hobnob with today’s music virtuosos. You will get a chance to meet the BeatPro alumnus, who have made it big in the Indian music scene. Along with Indie music composers and producers, you will get to learn from some of the best Bollywood music directors and producers of the time. We aim to give all our students a real taste of the current music scene and an exposure to the realities of live performance.

What can you learn at BeatPro Music Production School Mumbai?

BeatPro can help you internalize the workings of the different music software. We teach our students how music functions as a language and not just a mix of random sounds and clips. Therefore, even a complete beginner gets the same opportunity to learn and succeed at BeatPro as a music production pro. If you have no prior knowledge of music production software, don’t worry. We have the most excellent teachers who can help you learn the latest production software like Ableton Live 9.0 to take command of live audiences, professional recordings and much more. Armed with the knowledge one should be able to create music while sitting in state-of-the-art studios as well as their homes, as long as they have the setup.

The dimensions of music production are changing rapidly. BeatPro aims are equipping each student with the knowledge necessary to create ground-breaking work with high-quality and low-cost hardware and software setup. We believe that anyone can make music once he or she has the right expertise. We can help you gather the knowledge, find the dedication and foster the creativity to produce music that the entire world will listen. The Bollywood music production course at BeatPro music production courses does not discriminate by genres or styles of music. Each lesson comprises of various tools, and skills including recording, editing, and mixing.

Along with an understanding of the software, the course offers a comprehensive lesson involving the nature of sounds. It is very different from any of the 20-minute music production hacks you can find on YouTube. The course will take you through lessons on DAW, Synthesis, and tracks management sampling before you create a new tune. Understanding RMX, building graphs and handling live projects are all parts of the Bollywood music production course at BeatPro. After the completion of the course, you will find assistance in finding live work experience in the world of real music. BeatPro provides lifetime support for each student even after they complete their course.

Making it big in Bollywood music might seem like a distant dream for you right now, but BeatPro can make it a reality. With extensive experience, each instructor offers, personal interviews with Bollywood music producers and one-on-one classes during the coursework, giving life to the tunes that play in your head all through the day can become a reality.

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