How are Ableton live courses in Mumbai changing the face of the music production industry in India?

Do you have grand dreams of becoming a music producer? Whether you want to work in India or abroad, you need to learn DAW in your career. Ableton Live is the craze among all DAWs right now. Even the established and renowned music producers are making a move to learn and use this software for creating unique sounds. It has become indispensable for DJs and Live Performers of the time. It makes little sense to join a new music production course that offers no insight into the working of this master music production software. Before you plan to move to a new city to join a new course, find out if they offer Ableton live courses in Mumbai.

What is Ableton Live?

While Ableton has been around for a while, the Live version of it is new, and it is driving the musicians and their producers crazy. It is growing in popularity with every passing day, but there are only a few who know the interface inside-out. Mastering the Ableton Live 10 is no child’s game, and if its popularity trend continues, it will soon become indispensable in the national and international music scene. The presence of software programmes like these close the time gap between songwriting and programming the transition between the chorus and the verse. We are inching closer to an exciting time for music makers.

Why is it important to update your music editing software knowledge?

You may have already come across other versions of Ableton if you have any experience in music making. However, experts consider the Ableton Live to be unique and more powerful than the existing versions. It is highly intuitive, and it helps to turn the beautiful sonic dreams of a musician into reality. The Ableton Live 10 can bring several new and useful features on the table. Here are some of the favourites from the leading music industry experts –

  • Capture

We often fiddle with the guitar and come up with the perfect riff, but hit the record button a second too late. It is an undeniable faux pas most musicians have made in the past, and those without Ableton Live are still producing today. Capture is the new feature on the latest software version that allows people to record whatever they are playing. Think of it as an assistant who is always listening to you. You can access all these recordings as MIDI clips without ever manually hitting the record button.

  • Multi-clip editing

Apart from recording multiple clips, you can edit them at the same time. It is beneficial for those using multiple instruments to create layers in their track. You can view all the instruments on your piano roll at one go. You can compare the different not information and perfect the bassline-kick syncopation. You can take help from the arrange view that helps the user spot the conflicts before finalising the arrangement.

  • Collections

You can colour code and organise your browser for Live. It is a glorious time to be a musician or a music producer. The collections feature will allow you to customise the structure of your music library. It can reduce 15-minutes from every 3-hours an average music maker spends looking for a particular fine.

  • Metronome features

If you want to produce live music, the metronome feature can become your best friend. It can help you arrange your live setup to a T. you can try to use a sampler to create the click track, but the sheer variety of the clicks Ableton Live provides is stunning and mesmerising. Every music maker should check out this metronome feature on this state-of-the-art software at least once.

  • Drum Buss

Making your drums sound real and good is labour intensive. The average gifted musician spends about 60% of his or her time modulating the sound of the percussion instruments in the track. This process involves multiple steps, and it takes quite some time. The Drum Buss feature helps in adjusting and perfecting the sound of drums. According to current reviews, this feature is particularly helpful for editing electronic drum sounds. It is a compressor, saturator and enveloper in a neat little package that you can access with a single click.

These are features unique to the latest version of the software. As you can understand, the newest version of Ableton Live has a lot more than the previous versions did. As the new releases hit the market, the old ones are going to become obsolete. People are always going to go after new features, new sounds and new skills. If you are interested in music production, learning DAW is your first step. Learning Ableton Live is a part of the process, and you should not try to replace this experience with some other software.

Does your music production school offer Ableton Live training?

BeatPro is one of the very few music production schools in Mumbai that offer Ableton Live training to the students. The best music production courses provide hands-on training for the music producers of tomorrow. You can learn about the software and memorise the list of dos and don’ts, but unless you are messing around with the options and creating your own tracks, you will have little confidence about the controls and their outcomes. BeatPro offers dedicated training courses on music production that cover the latest training of Ableton Live. Apart from learning how to use this software, you will also gain the experience of working with whos-who of the music industry in the country and from abroad.

Being a true music maker takes more than talent. It requires intensive training and oodles of confidence. Choosing a music school that does not teach you how to edit, record and mix tracks properly is not going to do you any good, even if you save a fortune as fees. Always ensure that you get to learn about the latest software versions and their features. It might give you the edge you need to remain ahead and be successful.

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