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Reveal Sound’s Spire has a lot more to offer

Sylenth 1

An added benefit for Students of Beatpro Music Institute is that they can avail of a flat 50% discount on the Spire synthesizer and library

Course Fees : 25000/- INR
12 Sessions

Sampling is the most important segment of the production. sampling has to be done perfectly to make sound pro and attractive.


The most popular synth on the blocks is Sylenth 1.

Sylenth1 designed &created by Lennar Digital is a unique music production tool that is a VST/Audio-Unit synth with a sound quality that can give any hardware synths a run for their money!

This synth’s entire premise is to combine efficient hands-on modulating and designing sound with superb sound quality, clarity & warmth. The Sylenth1 features two layers of editing, each with dedicated filter, envelopes, LFO’s, oscillators, as well as a global effects bank with an Arpeggiator and also a step-sequencer.

Would you be interested in knowing about this awesome Sylenth 1 synth?
Our course will ensure you learn from the initial stage to the more advanced sound design techniques, explaining all synthesizing technology and features that are included in this brilliant & state of the art instrument. Our course will give you an in-depth knowledge of all the main stages of subtractive synthesis, detailing on the oscillators, filters, modulators and effects.

In the last three modules you will get to learn how to create different types of patches, using the combination of all of the possible techniques into some creative examples to help you understand the process.

Four band-limited oscillators are available in Sylenth1 and each single oscillator has up to eight stereo voices that can be detuned, phased & panned. Sylenth1 has a total of 16 polyphonic notes.

Sylenth1 has 2 analog style filters which are highly acclaimed and each one has four filter types alongwith an analog coverage to generate a required punch & warmth. Within this one can have lowpass modes, bandpass.

10 varied melodic modes are a part of the Arpeggiator and it also has an inbuilt step sequencer wherin one can adjust the velocity, hold and the pitch settings.