The magic of computer draws up unmatched possibilities of recorded sound, but if you do not have the necessary skills to use it using the latest tools, it is more or less a futile exercise. Luckily, your knowledge to electronic music production and sound design, such as setting up your home Studio with software and hardware integration, MIDI sequencing, mixing is now accessible. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in performing electronic music or you are an absolute rookie looking to fill in gaps in your skills, this schedule assists you in your requirement to raise your level in music production.

You will be accustomed to the synthesizer which is pre-requisite within contemporary scenario of music production. It is debatable if the real & great music can be made with or without the synthesizer, but if you understand the way how a synthesizer work’s, it will give you an edge to learn the language to describe sound of music. You would agree that Music is an art form using a collaborative structure; hence it is imperative you understand the power of this effective communication.

The bottom line is that music production is a creative process more influenced by individual efforts. Creativity generates from the mind and will struggle to reach out, unexpressed, until you have the right tools, utilised in the correct appropriate ways to share it out to the world. All it takes is an idea for you to give it a structure involving numerous steps, to ultimately reach your audience. What we need from you is your dedication and creativity, and our curriculum will strengthen your knowledge to reach your optimum.

Educating yourself with the functionality of a synthesizer, you can explore many avenues for yourself. There are various genres in ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC that you could try your hands on namely – Dubstep, Trance, House, Hard-style and many others. Ultimately you will get the hang of it and find working in different genres a smooth sail.


  • Knowledge of DAW
  • Thorough Training of synthesis
  • Producing Beats
  • Arranging Tracks
  • Managing Tracks
  • Understanding Timbre
  • How to Process
  • Practical Project

Course Length – 24 sessions
Duration           – 03 Months
Fees                  – 55000/-