Are you ready to make magic: Music production courses in Mumbai that can help you become a Bollywood music producer

Bollywood has always been a topic of discussion in popular newspapers, magazines, blogs, and even conference tables. Whether it is the Bloomberg magazine or a pre-election speech by a noted minister, Bollywood always finds a way. While some will say it is the magic of the memorable dialogues of the classics, others reassure that it is the music that makes a mark.

Anyone, who has experienced Bollywood movies has to ascertain that the most memorable part of any movie has to be its music. Whether it is Guru Dutt or Salim Suleiman, the music of a film has determined its success and popularity in India since the beginning of the talkies. Although independent musicians and bands are famous in the country, nothing trumps the popularity of Hindi film songs. The sheer variety of music that Bollywood has given us has remained unmatchable for generations.

The upcoming musicians share the same love and passion for Bollywood songs, but they think independently. Their out-of-the-box ideas have brought hip-hop and rap to Bollywood. We have had popular musicians and singers from the US, UK and Australia record songs for movies. With the acceptance of new artists like Badshah and Hard Kaur, India has begun a new journey towards musical mysticism. The industry has always offered unique chartbusters including semi-classical songs, ghazals, dance numbers, pop, electro-pop, folk and many more.

Why is it difficult to become a good music producer today?

Today, becoming a music producer in Bollywood has become a challenge thanks to the sheer variety of sounds people are accepting and liking. Each artist brings something new to the table. Whether it is the incorporation of sounds from the daily traffic into music or that of throat singing, everyone is trying to explore new paths. It has become about experimentation and offering something new rather than delivering a hit belonging to a predictable format.

A music producer’s job is to ensure that the music the artist creates sounds the best. It is also his or her duty to predict the reaction of the target audience to the piece. Therefore, aside from mediating the quality of sound, an expert music producer should also be able to understand the pulse of the target audience before delivering. Becoming a music producer in Mumbai is not a challenge at all, but being a great music producer with impressive work experience is indeed challenging.

How is the work description of a music producer evolving?

In the future, you might choose to work in a large brand-name music studio, or you may want to work out of your home. All it will take to produce music is a powerful laptop with the right sets of advanced software. To operate these software programmes, one will obviously require training and experience, and that is precisely where the difference between an average music producer and a stellar one will come to the forefront. Today, music producers have to handle at least ten different responsibilities that ten different professionals used to manage a couple of years ago. Since the work has become a lot more software intensive than it was, the labour has reduced. However, the producer in question has to acquire different skills through coursework and training to meet his responsibilities.

Why is Mumbai the best city to learn music production for Bollywood?

While multiple institutes across the country offer music production and audio engineering courses, most musicians prefer Mumbai. The city is replete with a variety of music scenes that include all-night serenades to pub performances by Indian playback artists. It is the heart of the Bollywood music evolution right now. If you want to grow as a musician and a music producer, you will want to work in some of the renowned studios under the tutelage of the most well-known musicians and producers. No other state or city can give you the opportunities that Mumbai offers to the musically curious future-producers.

How to find the right music production school?

Now that you know where you should go for studying music production, the next step is finding the right school. Whether you want to complete a full-time diploma or an online certification programme, always look for a school that has a trailblazing record. BeatPro is one of the few music production schools that offers a variety of music production courses in Mumbai. Learning music production with BeatPro can give you the understanding of DAW, Synthesis, EDM and Bollywood music production among other things. Track management sampling, making and mixing grooves, building graphs and live projects should be under the purview of the syllabus of any popular music production course.

Why is making music for Bollywood challenging?

The choice of your music school in Mumbai should depend upon your aspirations. If you want to work in Bollywood later in life, it makes little sense to specialise in a course that teaches nothing about Bollywood music production. BeatPro is one of the few music production schools in Mumbai that offers certified courses, one-to-one classes and lifetime support for the students. Apart from loving and understanding music, you will have to master recording, editing, and mixing all kinds of tracks for your clients. It is essential for all Bollywood loving music producers of the future to seek out a course similar to this one that offers you extensive exposure to the different genres, multiple elements and the signature groove of the famous Bollywood songs.

Bollywood music is forever

The popularity of Indian movies is forever growing. People all over the world talk about these movies. Films like Sholay and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai have cult fan followings across the globe. There is nothing people love more than the songs from the oldies on Sunday afternoons and the peppy modern numbers on the weekend parties. It is a style of music that demands the producers be masters of everything, being a “master of some” is no longer enough to make a mark.

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