Ableton Live is a dual utility DAW. It works as a digital audio workstation and as a software music sequencer for Windows & OS X. Ableton keeps updating its versions, Ableton is specially made for as an instrument for live performances for musicians & DJ’s as well as a tool for production for any kind of genre and it is fit for completely for music which gives it an edge in comparison to many other software sequencers. Live is a perfect DAW for live musicians and offers a complete package to musician & specifically Electronic Music Producers. Ableton does not help latency compensation for mixer automation.

Ableton was one of the first music software that could automatically beatmatch the songs.

Its interface is more compact than many other sequencers and designed for it to be used on a single page application.

*Live is structured into having two ‘views’ –

1) The Arrangement view and (2) The Session view.


The Arrangement view

This is most commonly used for midi & audio recording tracks from the session view and extensively manipulating the musical effects & arrangements. This view somewhat has the similarity to a traditional software sequencer interface. A classical composer who has a greater affinity could use this view for manual MIDI sequencing for music programming & audio engineering.

The Session view

The session view is functionally used to organize and trigger sets of MIDI and audio that are named as clips. These clips can be programmed in slots into scenes that can then be triggered through external or a computer keyboard, both can be arranged by Ableton live.

Easy To LearnExpensive DAW compare to other DAW
Strong StabilityLike other Daws this too gets its updated versions very slow after years sometimes.
Easily deliver music for any genre
Both PC and Mac compatible.